Historic Restoration Painting

Painters Newtown, Pa.

Bucks County is home to many beautiful and historic structures. Red Dog Painting works with clients, in Newtown and Langhorne and throughout Lower Bucks County, to restore these stately properties to age appropriate colors. Working on older homes can be challenging and labor intensive so special care and preparation must be made taken to restore your home to its former glory. Many times over the life of the home the plaster has cracked due to settlement or water damage and is in need of repair. At Red Dog Painting we pay attention to the details.

We will take the time to address these issues and to repair them properly. Often times with a historic home, the preparation stage of the project is a longer process than the painting stage.

Red Dog Painting’s clients know they will receive all of the necessary preparations, done properly. The end result is a beautifully painted home that represents the look and the time period you desire.


Restoration Painting Newtown, Pa
Historical Painting Newtown
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