A Letter From Owner of Red Dog Painting, Rick Hodge

Red Dog Painting is excited to be celebrating our 8th year in operation. We would like to take a moment to thank our customers for their business. Over the past years, we have proven ourselves to be a company that takes pride in our work. Our painters strive to provide quality craftsmanship on all our projects. We do not take short cuts and we do not skip steps just to get on to the next job.  Quality results require time and require proper preparation. Maintaining this level of standards means we spend more time on each project. We take that time to ensure we are delivering the best results possible from start to finish. Like your favorite family restaurant, your local coffee shop, or your corner bar, these small businesses offer a unique dedication to customer service that is not found with other larger businesses.

We are a small family owned and operated business providing interior painting. I have over 18 yrs. experience and I am active and present on all projects.  My carefully selected 2 person team and I always work to provide timely results on all our projects. We never use subcontractors or use day laborers. We do not compromise our standards for the sake of completing more jobs. This means it may take a little longer to complete a project, but this provides our customers with the peace of mind that the same crew will be working in your home from start to finish.

The average homeowner paints their home once every 5-10 years. It is a home renovation most people live with for years and is a decision that should not be taken lightly. At Red Dog Painting we always do our best to accommodate everyone who contacts us; however, we ask that you plan ahead for your painting project. Like most major home renovations, it is best to contact us several months prior to the time you would like to begin your project. This helps ensure you get the timeframe you would like. We will always do our best to have our most current schedule posted so our customers can plan for their future painting projects.

Thank you again to all of our customers. We look forward to continuing to provide quality painting services that both our company and our customers can be proud of for years to come.


Rick Hodge